Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New blog!

Hey, y'all! First off, I am a new (21 y/o) trucker straight outta Nashville, TN. As you can see, I do have other blogs for other hobbies of my life. I'll try my damnedest to stay on topic on this blog. That being said, don't expect much fancy talk, but what you can expect to read on this blog is typos (misspelled words). I plan on posting at least once every week or two.

Now, about the company I'm drivin' for. I drive for RTR. Don't ask me what it stands for because in all reality, it doesn't stand for anything. We haul parts/materials (not hazardous) for various companies/industries. The main warehouse is located in Nashville, TN. We have roughly 30 rigs and maybe 40 trailers.

Check-out my wheels:

(This truck is a very smooth ride, but not so much power.)

For now, I'll be driving on the weekends, with an occasional long-haul run. As a rookie trucker, I would appreciate any tips/advice about truckin'.